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CHRIS SEILER - Founder & CEO, Creative Director, 
Lead Editor, 3D Artists

Chris founded and implemented Burning Visions Productions in 1990, and continues to grow the company. Chris has had over 28 years experience as a full-time fire rescue professional and over 30 years experience in computer graphics and video production.


He is a government contractor, working with the DHA, the Joint Trauma System (JTS), and the CoTCCC (Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care). BVP provides video content for the Deployed Medicine application, website and on-site training for all U.S. forces.


Chis has been providing for the UM School of Medicine and Ryder Trauma Center Surgeons for 20 years, specializing in 3-D computer generated imagery in training interns and military doctors in critical trauma care procedures.


He is also involved with major pharmaceutical industries, proving video content and 3-D animation for gene therapy and cancer-fighting therapies.   

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